Meet the Board

We are a volunteer board of diverse talents and interests.

Becoming a member of a nonprofit organization's board can be a meaningful way to explore how your experience and expertise can be applied in the nonprofit sector at the governance level, and ultimately, how your experience and expertise can help advance a nonprofit organization's social impact. It also can be a rewarding, high impact way that individuals can do community service while learning new skills that can enhance their own careers. Please take a few moments to read Audubon’s statement of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and the Board Member Expectations. Board members meet on the last Monday of each month. Monthly general membership meetings (open to the public) are the first Monday of the month unless otherwise noted.

To view a list of available positions on the board or on a committee, please view this document. Complete the Board Interest Survey here.


Dr. John Hood

Executive Committee, Past President


Dr. Lynn Sumerson

Executive Committee, Education, Investments


Dale Goebel

Executive Committee, Field Trip Coordinator


Meichelle Long

Executive Committee,
Website, WingBeat

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Cuneyt Yilmaz

Executive Committee, Membership


Kim Begay

Officer: VP Conservation

Wild Bird Rescuer, Birds in Helping Hands.


Deborah Larkin

Officer: Treasurer

Stehanie H

Stephanie Hall

Officer: Secretary

Volunteers at Wild Raptor Sanctuary.


Dana Kerstein

Conservation Projects

Served as President


Mardy Hornsby

Board Member at Large



Diane Ives

Board Member at Large


Don Peccia

Finance Committee


Louise Roy

Eagle Watch/ Conservation Committee

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