Roof-nesting Least Tern Rescue Across Pinellas County

 Description and physical requirements

A cooperative Clearwater Audubon project with St Pete Audubon and Beth Forys, PhD, from Eckerd College conducted during the nesting season from April through July. Requires driving within the county, chasing down chicks in parking lots with a butterfly net, and lifting them back onto rooftops using a locally designed chick-a-boom.




 Volunteer opportunities

Susan Traub, Dale Goebel and Debbie Trunk were among those last year who helped Jane save chicks through some of the hottest months of the summer. Monique Borboen from St. Pete Audubon organized the overall effort for Pinellas before moving to Northeastern Florida to organize beach nesting bird activities there. Beth Forys, PhD, from Eckerd College is doing research based on data compiled from a multi-year study of these and other colony nesting birds. John Hood and Marianne Korosy have organized a project to band chicks fallen from rooftops before they are returned. This project is in its third year. 

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