Eagle Watch Across Pinellas County

A project in cooperation with St Pete Audubon
and Audubon of Florida Eagle Watch.

Description and physical requirements

This project has been under way for 17 years. Over the last five the bald eagle has soared off the endangered species list. While the eagles are doing very well as of December 2010, careful observations subsequent to their delisting are critical. The rate of habitat loss may rival the rate of adaptation. 

Participation requires driving within the county, monitoring and reporting on bald eagles and their territories. Participants must have at least one but not all of the following equipment; spotting scope, digital camera, or binoculars. GPS and laser measuring devices can be helpful as well. Scouting begins in August and monitoring begins on October 1st each year. The season is officially complete on May 15th however late nests may require monitoring throughout the entire year. Several optional team surveys take place annually depending upon annual goals. For 2010-2011 we are monitoring a record number of bald eagle nests throughout the entire county.


Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities exist for Audubon members, local citizens, educators, college students, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. Volunteer positions include: field monitors, photographers, citizen watchers, presenters, speakers, organizers and advocates. 


Barbara Walker barbibird@tampabay.rr.com or call 727-442-9140


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