Project Colony Watch

Three Rooker Island & North Anclote Bar

Description and physical requirements

A cooperative Clearwater Audubon project with the Florida Park Service and Audubon of Florida, conducted year-round, to census and protect nesting and wintering shorebird and seabird species. Approximately 3000 pairs of birds of 9 species nest on the island between late April and July. Boat transportation to the island, located between Honeymoon Island and Anclote Key in the Gulf west of Pinellas County, is provided for volunteers. You must be able to get in and out of a motorboat or pontoon boat and wade to and from shore in knee-deep water. Generally involves walking about one mile on sand beach. Summer heat is extreme and sun protection and drinking water are required. Trips last approximately 4-5 hours.



royal tern

 Volunteer opportunities

Shorebird and wading bird identification, bird counts, data recording, monitoring of nesting activities and fledging of young birds.  Beginning birders are welcome. 

Beach clean up involves walking on island with a plastic garbage bag and picking up trash that has washed ashore or has been discarded on the island. 

Maintenance of signs and twine demarcating nesting areas. (Materials provided by Clearwater Audubon and the Florida Park Service.) This task may involve posthole digging and erection of signs, drilling holes to mount signs and inspection and simple repairs to twine strung between signs. 

Public education concerning nesting and resting birds and their interactions with leashed and unleashed dogs on the island. (Park Service regulations do not allow dogs on the island)

If you want to volunteer, please click on this link... http://www.clearwateraudubonsociety.org/bird_steward.html


Holley Short hshort@audubon.org